The Best Cordless VOIP Phones for Your Business

As your business is continuously growing, you might start to search for phones to make your office look and feel cleaner. To start off, you should most definitely remove the old phone from your desk so that you can also have all of the bundled cables sprawling on it set away, as well. You might as well replace it with a cordless VoIP DECT phone.

There are a lot of available cordless VoIP DECT phones in the market, all of which offer different features, pros, and cons for you and your business. You have to see to it that whatever you buy would meet your needs and would be essential in helping your business continuously grow.

Lucky for you, we have written down a few tips before buying a VoIP phone and some of the most reliable cordless VoIP DECT phones that are available, as well. You should check out their features thoroughly so that you would know if it fits what you need or not.

Buying Guide on Cordless VoIP Phones

Check the maximum capacity of its call blocks

Blocking numbers would be necessary once bothering calls have started to bombard your phone, so it is important that you’d check just how many numbers the phone would be able to block, as well. Some phones have the capacity of blocking 50 numbers, while some would be more or less, so see to it that the number of call blocks in the phone would be to your liking.

Know the coverage range of the phone

The purpose of a cordless VoIP phone is to not only decrease the mess and increase the space in your desk but also allow you to walk freely around your office without any cable holding you back. You may enjoy pacing around during a call with your VoIP phone, but if its coverage is not sufficient, then you might often experience lagging calls.

Consider the price of the product

Of course, you should always keep your money in check and see that the price that the VoIP phone is being sold for is reasonable. Some may be selling a mediocre cordless phone for such a high price, while some cheaper cordless phones may also cause you a lot of wasted money for its maintenance in the long run.

After you have checked the specs of the phone, it is always advisable to see if its price is reasonable and if it fits and would be worthy of the budget you have in hand. That way, you wouldn’t worry too much about the product you’re purchasing.

Reliable Cordless VoIP Phones for Your Business

Grandstream WP810

The Grandstream WP810 offers stable and vivid phone calls thanks to its dual-band Wi-Fi along with the efficient antenna design and advanced roaming support. You can roam around your office and take a clear call at the same time because this cordless VoIP phone has a coverage range of 100 meters. Aside from that, it supports 200 devices, as well.

You can also have conversations with this DECT phone hands-free since it also allows you to have called by plugging in a headphone at the 3.5mm audio jack or by using the speakerphone integrated into it. Its rechargeable 1500mAh battery guarantees 6 hours of calls and 120 hours of standby time.

Snom 3098 M9R

Expect smoother phone calls with the Snom 3098 M9R, as it offers 50 meters coverage indoors and 300 meters coverage outdoors with the assistance of a DECT repeater. The dedicated DECT frequency band of the phone prevents your calls from any type of technical interruption and would give you clearer calls, as well.

You can expect future enhancements of the Snom 3098 M9R as it also has a USB interface and a large flash memory, along with more modern features such as colored caller IDs, calendars, address books, and at least 100 hours of standby time.

VTech VDP651

The design of the Vtech VDP651 will assure you more space on your desk, helping you gain a minimalistic and cleaner look in your office. If you are opting for increased mobility for your business, this VoIP phone would be one of your easiest and most budget-friendly choices.

It comes with a three-way conferencing and multi-line support, four programmable backlit line keys, and a full-duplex speakerphone with high definition voice quality. On top of it all, the phone can be used for 7 hours of talk time and standby time for 7 days.

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