How Do You Transfer a Landline Number?

A lot of people these days have opted to switch to IP phones since it holds a lot of benefits and additional features compared to a landline. However, switching to an IP phone comes along with a lot of worrying as well, such as losing all of your previous phone contacts.

You might have used your phone number for a long period already, and most of your transactions have had it registered in their contacts, and it would be a bother telling all of them that you have changed your number.

Instead of changing your number while you switch to an IP phone, it is best suggested that you transfer it instead. A lot have done this already, seeing that they could start using an IP phone while still using the same number that they have all throughout the years.

If you are not aware, transferring your landline number to an IP phone can also basically mean that you are still using your prior phone number, only with a new phone system. You are free to use all of the new system’s features and benefit from it, all while keeping your old phone information and contacts.

If you are interested in transferring your landline number (POTS) to an IP phone, take note of these simple steps:

Do Not Cancel Your Service with Your Previous Landline Provider

Canceling your service with your previous landline provider is not necessary when transferring. Rather, you should contact them and inform them that you would like to transfer to an IP phone. With this, your landline number is still connected during the transfer.

List Down Your Account Number from Your Landline Provider

Your account number, holder name, address, and phone number are all important information that you should keep with you once you transfer. This is because it is best that the same information will be linked and used on your new IP phone account.

Research SIP Phone Providers that Accept Transferred Numbers

SIP providers are those that enable VoIP providers to work. You can start researching SIP providers to see if they can help you with your transfer, such as checking if your landline number is already eligible for the process.

It would not take you too long to research as most SIP and VoIP providers nowadays are accepting porting landline numbers. This step is mainly to assure the reliability of the provider that you would be working with.

Sign Up with the New Provider

Once you have decided which provider to work with, you must sign up with them and inform them immediately that you will do this with a ported number. With that, they will register your IP phone with the same account number that you have used for your landline.

Since you have listed your account number from your previous landline provider, it is best to use it for your IP phone. This will make your transferring process easier, and you could avoid rejected ports, as well. If you would like, you can also ask for your new provider to keep the old contacts from your landline.

Inquire About the Activation of Your New Account

Simply ask them when your new account would be activated so that you would know when you can test it and see if you are satisfied with their service yet.

Cancel Your Old Account

If you are already satisfied with the services that your new SIP provider has been giving you, you can already cancel your old landline account number. With this last step, you are all set to fully use your new IP phone number.

There are also questions frequently asked by those who are interested in porting their landline number to an IP phone, such as:

Is transferring your landline number expensive?

It may vary on the SIP provider that you are applying for. It will depend on the provider’s services, features, and additional benefits. Some providers charge you free when signing up with them, while some will charge you with a monthly fee.

How long will porting the landline number take?

It also varies on the number of landline numbers you would be porting or on how busy your new provider would be. Rest assured, they will get the work done in no time, and you can always inquire your new provider about their services.

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